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Mazda Miata Suspension Parts

Mazda Miata Years

The Mazda Miata has been through several generations. Each generation of Miata presented an entirely new suspension, so few if any parts are shared between the different generations. The 1st gen Miata Suspension has a large number of aftermarket parts available for it. Unfortunately later generations of the Miata suspension havent enjoyed the extensive range of aftermarket suspension parts that the 1st generation has had. It is expected that more diversity of aftermarket suspension parts for the later generations of the Mazda Miata will follow as the vehicle ages. Regarless of immedaite availability, the Mazda Miata Suspension is an excellent platform for suspension tuners due to the vehicle's light weight and lower stance. In stock form the Miata suspension performs admirably, but with aftermarket suspension parts the Miata is capable of high lateral G loads.

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